Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Kate White takes life as seriously as we would if we edited the magazine. For one, she got started in the industry by winning an essay contest in Glamour, and responded to a question about "goals" by admitting she had none, and used her job as an excuse to ask a local anchorman she liked on a date (The story: "Eligible Bachelors". The man: Her now-husband). Cosmopolitan isn't even her full-time job; she also writes pretty popular mystery novels about a tabloid reporting detective named "Bailey Wiggins" that sound totally cheesy. And judging from a few interviews with her we came across today, we get the sense that Kate White went to the USA Network mystery show school of how to be simultaneously idiotic and intriguing. Some gems:
"Drain the swamp to kill the alligators"
"I eavesdrop constantly in elevators and restaurants."
"Don't believe everything you think about yourself"
"Remember good girls go to heaven ... bad girls go everywhere."
"Brunch should be abolished." (We're just adding that because we agree.)
"Total understanding is not possible."
And finally:

I was walking down a street in the east 90's and I saw two young Hispanic guys tugging at the shopping bag of an older woman. Assuming she was being mugged, I ran across the street yelling for them to stop. But then the two guys turned around and they were both wearing aprons—they worked at a nearby supermarket. And they said she had shoplifted from their store and they had chased her out to get the stuff back. I was fascinated by the optical illusion. I used it in my latest mystery.

See, where we would spend the rest of the day feeling racist and guilty, Kate White sees "optical illusion." Now, if she could just solve the mystery of what the hell "reverse cowgirl" means...

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