Analyzing handwriting is fun! And once again, it's time for an analysis of Cosmopolitan's "Cosmo Quiz". See, every month "The #1 Women's Magazine" includes a spread of illuminating scribbles donated by that month's cover girl. Up for October: Heroes actress Ali Larter. After the jump, our favorite graphologist, Sheila Kurtz, weighs in on Larter, who may be more like the sexy, self-involved,"Jessica" side of her on-screen split personality than the nurturing, selfless "Niki". (Proving what we've long said about women named Jessica.)

Below: a sample of Larter's "Cosmo Quiz". Following: the analysis.

The slant of this writing is definitely way to the left (directionally, not necessarily politically), an indication that the writer is very difficult to know beneath what she may show on the surface. The writer is self possessed and mostly interested in how matters will work out for her personally. She may not extend herself sincerely for others. The writer's t-bars (the line that goes sideways) are placed from the top to the bottom of the t-stem. This signals that the writer is unsure whether to set her goals high, where she may have to stretch, or low, where she can achieve them by merely stooping a bit. Although the initial hooks on some letters signal that the writer strongly wishes to acquire things (like money, fame, knowledge, or power), the inconsistent goals may make her unsure as to her direction. The large, full loops on some of her letters show that the writer has an active imagination, when she chooses to use it. Notice the huge loops in "days" and "dogs". There are several incomplete loops, which indicate a person who can dream up interesting and original concepts, but may fail to bring them to reality. Hooks at the end of letters indicate a person who will grip like Velcro to things, people, and ideas they have acquired. The writer will have a difficult time letting go, even after it is clear that the time for letting go has come. There is an intertwining of some letters from one line of writing to the next, a sign that the writer may get scattered and confused if faced with too many projects at one time. To perform best, this writer must take on and finish one task at a time and avoid juggling too many tasks at once. The strong, heavy t-bars indicate that the writer probably has a good share of energy and drive. The loops in the lowercase e's are open. The writer is accepting of the ideas of others and does not filter them out with preconceptions. There are strong, conclusive strokes on the ends of certain letters (see the strong finish to "woman"). This writer will independently reach her own decisions and take action.


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