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Cosmetics Company Discovers The Power Of Cow Poop

Illustration for article titled Cosmetics Company Discovers The Power Of Cow Poop

The next tube of lipstick you buy from L'Oréal may be brought to you by cow dung. The company's Belgium factory is installing a biomass electricity-generating system that will essentially power the factory on poop.


The new anaerobic digestion system will capture methane from waste provided by nearby cattle farms and turn it into electriticy. 85% of the cosmetics factory's power will be supplied by the system. According to L'Oréal, it's part of an effort to reduce the company's carbon footprint, and will cut emissions to 50% of the level recorded in 2005 by 2015. That's something everything can get, ahem, behind.

L'Oreal's Cosmetics Factory Set To Run On Poop [Inhabitat, via Allure]

[Image via Flickr.]

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Hey, that's nothing. The Mars factory in my town has been making skittles and snickers off of the methane from the local landfill for the last 2 years! From rotten vegetables to candy!