Cosmetics Companies Discovering Multiethnic Consumers Are a Force to Be Reckoned With

This is kind of a DUH but so great to see it confirmed: Multiethnic beauty consumers are on the rise. WWD reports that there are "a growing number of women in the U.S. who associate themselves with multiple ethnic backgrounds, thus making it difficult for them to find brands that speak to them - or work for them - completely." Global beauty industry analyst Karen Grant says:

The world today is not a black-and-white one. [It is critical to] allow for women to embrace brands without thinking they are making an ethnic choice… Brands that have done well have recognized the potential in their portfolio. The ethnic complexion in the U.S. is constantly changing.


Grant names some of the fastest-growing demographics in the U.S. as Indians, Pakistanis, Middle Easterners, Brazilians and Hispanics, both as residents and visiting beauty buyers alike, and says the new multiethnic consumer is typically under age 45, beauty-oriented and underserved when it comes to her beauty needs. Basically, beauty companies who don't recognize and tailor and market toward these customers will get left behind. [WWD, sub req'd]

Victoria Beckham is doing a Chanel Haute Couture shoot right now; she's been tweeting pix from the iconic staircase in the Paris Salon and rumor has it Karl Lagerfeld will be photographing Posh Spice for French Elle. [WWD]
By the by, Vicky Becks is exited about the Spice Girls reunion for the Olympics closing ceremony. I'm so respectful of my past and I love the other girls. We have some fantastic fans," she told RTE. "Who knows, maybe some day we'll do something else with the Spice Girls. I would love nothing more. I don't know about a comeback tour but I loved being back with the girls. There was a lot of fun, we did so much together and we'll see. If they're up for something then I certainly am. We are so proud to be English and we are very excited about the Olympics." [Vogue UK]


Here's the first image made public from Carine Roitfeld's CR Fashion book. Death. Life. Drama! [WWD]
And that's not all: Carine Roitfeld will be using animated gifs! [The Cut]


Ever heard of C Magazine? Well you have now, because they shot Katie Holmes for the September cover. Nicely timed. [WWD]


Mario Lopez has a line of underwear (of course), and to promote the MaLo brand, he posed painted gold. Behold Skivvicus, god of boxer briefs! [The Life Files, Twitter]


Have you seen Spain's Olympic uniform? Check out Spain's Olympic uniform. It looks like someone barfed on a McDonald's uniform. It looks like the pattern behind your eyelids when you're having a bad acid trip. It looks like stained glass in a cathedral in Hell. Quoth Erin: "I'd say someone should get fired over it, but Spain already has 18% unemployment." This is just the shirt, there's a hat and a hideous matching backpack at the link. [Buzzfeed]

  • Vanessa Williams is launching a skin care line, ReVitalistic Skincare, on QVC: "I've tried to age gracefully in front of the camera. The gradual upgrade to high-definition video became brutal for beauty, thus exposing all my flaws. I tried everything from attention to lighting to precise makeup, but despite all the tricks, my skin had to endure intense scrutiny by millions. I needed products that were effective in reversing the signs of aging, sun damage and years of travel and makeup. I couldn't find anything that worked for me," she explains. "So I decided to create my own." [WWD]

    An outlet mall in the Bronx! [NY Times]

    Um, despite saying so, Dov Charney was never in talks to design Russia's Olympic uniforms. He was in talks to produce Russia-themed consumer merchandise. Which is different. [Fashionista]

    Anna Wintour and Harvey Weinstein are throwing a fundraiser for President Obama, so if you are free August 6th and have $35,800 to spend on one (1) ticket, then get thee to Connecticut. You just might end up rubbing elbows with Gwyneth Paltrow, Alicia Keys, Tory Burch and Quentin Tarantino. [Page Six]

    Marc Jacobs's ex-fling Austin Armacost wil be posing in PETA ads, which is supposed to get Louis Vuitton to stop using fur or something. Because some dude you used to bone should make business decisions for you. [Page Six, Fashionista]

    Nokia is pairing with Duality Cosmetics to create a hot pink phone with a nail polish to match. [WWD]

    Alessandra Ambrosio is going to the Olympics! Modeling is not yet an Olympic sport, but AA will be hanging out with the Brazilian team at the closing ceremony in London on August 12 — celebrating the fact that Rio de Janeiro will host the next Olympics, in 2016. [Page Six]

    Today in tasteless: Thongs commemorating the tragedy in Aurora. [The Cut]

    Alber Elbaz on the "real people" in the Lanvin campaign: "I wanted to see people from different age groups, body shapes and personalities wearing Lanvin ... That is what Lanvin is all about and represents - we don't only do clothes for 20-year-old girls. I love to see mature women wearing Lanvin as well. I love wrinkles, I love grey hair." [The Cut]

    The Philipp Plein campaign starring Ed Westwick was photographed by Terry Richardson, and we know this because Terry Richardson made sure he was in the photos. [Design Scene]

    Issa — aka the brand Kate Middleton loves — has a new CEO, Angelina Ypma, previously of Bulgari. [Vogue UK]

    Finally: An anonymous retoucher spills secrets:

    The mascara ads are just ridiculous. They wear false eyelashes, of course, in the photoshoot, and we completely draw the lashes in one by one so it's just like a forest of eyelashes. That's like the biggest lie of all - you can't achieve that.

    I have smoothed boniness before - like when models have bones sticking out of their chest, they want that subdued. That's somewhat common.

    With fashion itself, sometimes the clothes are not fitting the way they're supposed to. They're always pinned in the back, for example, and then the wrinkles are taken out with retouching. So the clothes are kind of a lie, too. Nothing is going to fit that perfectly when you try it on.

    And so much more. [Buzzfeed Shift]

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