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We were recently racking our brains for the word for Yasser Arafat's headdress thingy when we found ourselves reading a post about a French magazine putting Internet It-Girl Cory Kennedy on its cover. We have been following the "career" of Cobrasnake muse and sometime girlfriend Cory for over a year and a half now and we're pretty sure that's why we have no fucking clue who's running Israel or Palestine (or what we're even supposed to call Palestine? Is it still the PLO? What did ) anymore. But the point is that something about the combination of Jazzercize chic and Middle Eastern headdresses and suddenly we had an "epiphany": Arden Wohl, the Vogue profile subject and profound filmmaker and pothead socialite whose "career" we also wished we didn't know about is just the Uptown, Manny-reading answer to Cory. And that's when we realized we needed an intervention! Please! Erase them! One of them, at least! After the jump, a poll. And also, Wikipedia's answer to what's up in the Mideast.


Oh yeah, Ehud Olmert. We knew that. Sort of. But we didn't know his political party, which is "Kadima," which we'd never even heard of, and OMG WE'RE GOING TO ISRAEL NEXT WEEK FOR A WEDDING. Shoot us. Palestine's a lot trickier, and maybe disputed? Salam Fayyad is apparently the new Prime Minister, as of six weeks ago. So glad we took this job! Anyway, onto what really matters.


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