Ah, love. The party photographer and nightlife fixture Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter knew love once. It didn't matter that he spent his nights surrounded by impossibly attractive young girls willing not only to blow him, but a few grand at Barney's, in pursuit of his tastemaking lens — when he laid eyes on then fifteen-year-old Cory Kennedy, something was different. Cory quickly became his intern, then muse, then girlfriend — then International It Girl, Vince Gallo sidekick, Nylon columnist and acclaimed blogger. And somewhere along the line, the romance wilted. We learned in this week's New York they're still in constant Sidekick contact. But what happened? And why does he appear to be wearing the same hat he wore for that story celebrating their love? Wonkette videographer Liz Glover caught up with him during Fashion Week to find out.


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