Corporate Employers Are Becoming More Accepting of Your Tattoos

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Are you sick of waking up hours early to carefully cover all of your intricate face tattoos so that the square corporate overlords at your Starbucks barista job will be satisfied with your appearance? You bet you are and so am I! Which is why we should all rejoice at the news that Starbucks — along with many other corporations — are considering relaxing their visible tattoo policies.

Starbucks spokesman Zack Hutson told Fortune that the company is "always actively engaged in discussions with our [employees] to determine how to make their experience better and more valuable."

And one way of making their employees' experiences better is by finally allowing them to show off innocuous tattoos that — in an era when even your parents have ink — are unlikely to offend most people.


Another company getting aboard the cool train: PetSmart has also changed their policies to allow for visible tattoos.

The times, they are a changin'! Maybe this means that Gawker Media will finally be okay with me getting that "RUDE BITCH" forehead tattoo that I've always wanted.

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Emma Golddigger

I'm calling it now. In our lifetimes there will be a trend where corporations make their staff get tattoos of their logos to prove their loyalty.