Corey Worthington Is Terribly Sorry He Cannot Apologize For Being Totally Awe$ome

DOOOOD. This 16-year-old Australian kid is the KING OF ALL PARTY$. Maybe u hav heard. How could u NOT? We've gotten like 20,00000.99 emails about Australian Corey Worthington, who through a RAGINNNG kgger and put the video on MySpace!! But his parents got madd :-0 when they returned to descover TWENTY THOUSAND $$$$ (not sure if that's Au$ or U.S. American dollars but either way, WTF right) worth of dammage. He put the whole party on his MySpace page but now that is gone and all there is is this video of him getting interviewed by an anchorwoman/BEYOTCH! Watch her try to bust on him like he is the fruit of her very own HARDASS womb!! OMG It is sooooooo hotttt when she asks him to take off his FAMOU$ sunglasses and he's like "I'm not taking these glasses off. Because THEY ARE FAMOUS BETCH." Except more chillaxxx, because he is like a $urfer or $omething. totes <3 !!


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