Corey Haim Doesn't Understand Why Everyone He Knows Wants Him To Go To Rehab

I hate when "reality" shows are heavily scripted, which is why the first season of The Two Coreys sucked. But season two has gotten so good, mostly due to the fact that Corey Haim's drug abuse and loose cannon-ness makes the show entirely impossible to script. He's so unpredictable, and they just let the cameras roll, which makes for incredibly compelling television. Things came to a head on last week's episode when Corey Feldman held an intervention for Haim (which, BTW, included Todd Bridges and Pauly Shore). Haim became enraged and now the two Coreys aren't even speaking. In last night's episode, Haim's personal assistant, his therapist, and his mother all confronted him about his drug use. But Haim is taking the Elvis mindset, rationalizing that since his pills are prescribed by a doctor, they don't count as "drugs". Clip above.


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