Coquettish Talking Urinal Cakes Implore Michigan Men To Not Drink And Drive

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Because the news is basically just a Family Guy cut-away waiting to happen, certain Michigan waterfront bars—where men make up 80% of drivers in fatal alcohol-induced crashes— are employing a new tactic in DUI prevention for July 4th. Maryland-based manufacturing company Wismark's "interactive urinal communicator" has been distributed to 200 drink-serving establishments in Michigan's Bay, Ottawa, Wayne, and Delta counties. It's not the first time the company's dabbled in gabby urinals, having previously (and ironically) released one as a promo for Molson's beer.

The contents of the urinal cakes' message is: "Hey listen up. That's right, I'm talking to you. Had a few drinks? Maybe a few too many? Well, do yourself and everyone else a favor and call a sober friend or a cab." If you were interested, she is flirty, female, and kind of sounds like Roz from Frasier. And wouldn't you listen to Roz?


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If it works, it works. 1000 people can be annoyed if it saves 1 person.

I'm kind of more fascinated by the fact that 80% of the drunk drivers in fatal alcohol related crashes are men - that is an insane statistic and I'm super curious why.