Cops Seek Jersey Shore Wedding Crashers

And now, a cautionary tale about wedding crashing. You are not Vince Vaughn and Luke Wilson. reports that the police of Ocean Township, New Jersey, are currently seeking three alleged wedding crashers on charges of something called "strong-armed robbery."

Shortly before 8 p.m. on Saturday, police Officer Randy Slawsky was dispatched to the English Manor Banquet Facility on English Lane in the Wanamassa section of the township in reference to three male subjects who attended a wedding reception "without permission or invitation," police said.

The three unknown subjects, who were dressed in suits, mingled with wedding guests, consumed beverages and took pictures inside a photo booth set up for the event, police said.


What actually landed them in trouble was not their dastardly use of the photo booth without bringing so much as a spatula for the bride and groom, but the fact that when a manager tried to detain them, they allegedly shoved her to the floor and ran. Combine that with blatant beverage theft and you get "strong-armed robbery."

Don't crash weddings. Unless you are a popular celebrity, it is very bad form.

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