The cops have once arrested a woman who, back in January, pled guilty to posing as bluegrass star Alison Krauss in order to fleece a 75-year-old man. (She missed a probation hearing.) (This is not her first bust for failing to make a court date.)

That's according to KRQE News, which spins out the whole sordid tale of Peggy Sue Evers, catfish:

Evers conned Fulton into believing she was grammy-winning bluegrass country star singer Alison Krauss. The two met on an online dating website and when Evers sang some of Krauss' hits for him he said he was convinced. They married shortly after.

Investigators say a few months into their marriage Evers drained Fulton's life savings, got him to sign over the deed to his house and filed a will for him naming herself as his heir.


"I lost my wife back last June the 18th and I was getting lonely and I was looking for some friendship," an abashed Fulton explained to KQRE. Please note that this all happened in Arkansas, perhaps the best possible venue for a con woman capable of a passable impression of a bluegrass star.

Upon pleading guilty, she was sentenced to eight years of probation, in addition to repaying 70 grand. She was caught in New Mexico, shacked up off Route 66—and, according to KQRE, spending time with yet another lonely man.

If America is rich in one thing, it is surely weirdos.

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