Cops Close Leah Remini's Missing Person Case: Scientology Wife Found?

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Yesterday we learned that Leah Remini sicced the cops on The Church of Scientology, filing a missing person report for Shelly Miscavige, the wife of Church leader David Miscavige. Today we're finding out the case is closed: The Church shut that shit down real quick.

Last night, mere hours after the missing person filing came to light, TMZ reported that the case had been dismissed:

The LAPD has CLOSED its missing persons investigation involving the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige ... because cops had a face-to-face meeting with her ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement tells TMZ they have determined the missing persons allegation is "unfounded."


So the Church trotted out this woman, who hasn't been seen in public for years, and now the cops are off their backs. (Can we just get L.A. Confidential for a minute? How do we know the LAPD had a face-to-face with her? What if they're being paid off by the Church — a star-studded organization with over $500 million in annual revenue? WHO KNOWS HOW DEEP THIS GOES?)

In any case, an attorney for the Church insists that Shelly Miscavige is not, and has never been missing: "Mrs. Miscavige has been working non-stop in the Church, as she always has."

Meanwhile, the Church's Media Relations department sent me a strongly worded email in response to yesterday's post:


The story you currently have on your site is out dated.

Please post our statement below in full.


The Los Angeles Police Department has already stated that the case is closed and that the report filed by Leah Remini was unfounded.

This ill-advised, ludicrous self-promotion and the media inquiries it generated caused an inexcusable distraction for the LAPD in an era when the time and resources of its officers are stretched thin each day. Creating this unnecessary burden for law enforcement was even more irresponsible given the entire episode was nothing more than a publicity stunt for Ms. Remini, cooked up with unemployed, anti-religious zealots who blog on the fringe of the Internet. Sadly, rather than move on with her life and career, Ms. Remini has aligned herself with a handful of untrustworthy, lunatic tabloid sources who obsessively harass the Church to advance their selfish agendas.


They sound very upset. If you never hear from me again, blame Xenu.

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Fuck, they addressed you by name. I'd probably piss myself if I got a letter from the most dedicated organization of stalkers on the planet addressed to me by name.