Ghosts are haunting a police department in New Mexico.

According to KOAT, Espanola Officer Karl Romero spotted a mysterious image on surveillance cameras, strolling through cages and a gate. Normally, the source of this ghost would just be another symptom of what has been dubbed "Scooby Doo's Crazy Old Man Did It-itis." But the image appeared in what they call a "sally port." [CUE SPOOKY MUSIC.] Take it away, KOAT!

A sally port is a controlled gate or passage in a fortified place....Detectives said there is no way in or out of the secured area without the gates opening and an alarm sounding. Police said they hear strange noises and see unexplained images in the lobby of the building, too.


Here is a description of an amazing moment in broadcast journalism I wish I had personally been part of.

Action 7 News asked Detective Solomon Romero if he thought the image was a ghost.

"I do believe in ghosts — I don't know (what exactly was on the video), but we've had some unsolved murders in the area," Romero said.

Finally we may have found someone worthy enough to carry on the brave legacy of Ghost Whisperer that Jennifer Love-Hewitt fought and nearly died for. "We were totally going to investigate all those murders at some point, but, like, why bother when the victims are probably just going to show up here anyway and tell us who killed them! This job just got a million percent easier! Can I get a raise for improving our productivity? Hello?" said Romero in a statement I probably made up.

Police assured reporters the station was not built on any ancient burial grounds. So now we just have 30 or 40 plots of popular ghost movies to eliminate as possible causes. A police spokesperson was unable to confirm whether it was the ghost of a heartbroken dead lover there to warn them that Molly is in danger, girl.


Truth be told, the ghost news beat here at Jezebel is a highly coveted beat. Many lives of young bloggers have been lost here in our hallowed halls during brutal struggles to the death, fighting to cover news related to ghost sightings such as these. I had to wrestle Mark Shrayber in a vat of butterscotch pudding to win this assignment. I later found out this was not an actual sanctioned employee event and just something Mark likes to do when he's not in the mood for a full-on cardio workout. Oh well.

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