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A new "schoolboy cafe" in Tokyo has waiters who look and act like teenage boarding school students as they flirt with the customers, mostly "office ladies in their twenties and thirties," reports Reuters. The concept is based on a popular comic book, as well as the hugely successful boy-love manga genre: Comics about boy-boy romance for female readers are undergoing a revival in Japan right now. In any case, the cafe's waiters will talk to you about German poetry as you pretend to be a wealthy benefactress visiting the school, which, frankly, sounds hot. Konichiwa, bitches. [Reuters]


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my husband and i were JUST talking about this genre. He asked me what chicks could possibly get out of it and why they go so nuts for it because "The protagonists hardly even make out. They just kinda talk." I replied "You don't see why women would be attracted to sexy young men talking to each other about things like love and their feelings?"

But, yeah, this little cafe would do zilch for me. I didn't like the schoolboy look when I was a schoolgirl. I'm 25 now...