"Cool Guy" on Craigslist Offers Free Ride in Exchange for a Blow Job

Craigslist. The gift that keeps on giving.

A tipster submitted this Craigslist ad posted by a self-described "chill, cool guy" in Montreal yesterday offering to safely drive a female from Montreal to Toronto in a brand new car in exchange for some nice conversation and exactly one blow job. Here's the post:


As far as asking for head in exchange for a ride over the internet goes, I can't lie. This dude does seem pretty chill. And I appreciate that he added that he wasn't a creep because I was actually wondering if that was the case and now I know he's not, so it was cool to see that he really put some thought into making sure the females know that. Also, chill was the inclusion of his Caucasian heritage—now I have a better understanding of what kind of good conversation he'd be into. Topics include: Feist (and other Canadian artists Americans assume are American), the Maple Leafs, and how Canadians hate having to explain that they actually won the War of 1812 or whatever.

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