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"Cookie Monster" Mayor Targets Girl Scouts • Nurse Gives Wrong Woman Abortion

Illustration for article titled Cookie Monster Mayor Targets Girl Scouts • Nurse Gives Wrong Woman Abortion

Ellen Taylor, the mayor of Claremont, was dubbed "The Cookie Monster" when she shut down Girl Scouts selling cookies on a street corner (she said it was hurting her business) and then creating a new law that requires a permit for non-profit sellers. • An elderly woman was saved from a violent kangaroo attack in Australia when her son's dog heard her screaming and chased the 'roo away. • A new sex-change regulation in Thailand which has set the legal age of the operation at 18 has some activists worrying over damage still-growing bodies. • Under a new law in Nashville that gives county officers immigration enforcement powers, an arrested Mexican woman developed an infection when officers refused to let her breast feed, use a breast pump, or even see her newly-born child.


Journalists boost brothel business in Sydney during the Pope's visit. • Women over 16 near Teesside beach in the UK can pay 5 pounds and don a bikini to set a new world record on Sunday. There is "no upper age limit." • Hundreds of angry pregnant women in Australia plan to "storm" a hospital that is shutting down its maternity unit per the government's instructions. • Showjumpers in England make a "desperate" attempt to drum up publicity for their sport by having two young female showjumpers pose without their pants. • A nurse in England gave the wrong woman an abortion after she failed to do a background identity check and followed anonymity rules at the clinic to protect women seeking the procedure (the two patients shared the same first name). • Former Olympic track star Marion Jones applied for a federal commute of her six-month prison sentence after she was convicted of lying to federal agents about her performance-enhancing drug use. • The latest strange female aphrodisiac out there? Donkey skin. • It is serious puppy face time!

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I had always heard that Kangaroos were more like boxers, but this one had more street fighting in him,it sounds like.Can you imagine being beat up by a kangaroo? "Sure you were, sweetie. How about that counseling, hon?