Convention Season Is Coming: Here's How to Talk to Women Cosplayers

Put together by Aussie cosplayers Ardella, Eve, and Kitty, this is a fun video guide on how to talk to women wearing costumes at conventions. While you might think that's something most folks already know because we have brains and hearts, some people don't know how to fully operate all their equipment yet. It's cool, they'll get there! This lesson is sorely needed — especially when people running conventions often don't know how to respectfully communicate with women other human beings.


Good luck, cosplayers and the people who love them! (Respectfully.) (From afar, if necessary.) (Seriously, control yourselves.)


I'm more interested in the follow-up video, aimed at when how to tell a genuine creeper from someone who is just socially awkward or shy.

This is all pretty common place stuff, and, is actually great advice for meeting girls at a con.

At cons its pretty common place for one of the more unsavory kind of female cosplayers to brand a guy a creeper when he's unattractive and just so happens to look in her general direction.

This is actually where a lot of that "fake geek girl" hatred comes from. Some of the more popular/physically attracive/famous cosplayers like to attend cons, and basically mock the average attendee. The socially awkward take this sort of treatment like they usually do, and turtle, occasionally lashing out at anything that could be threatening (having the side effect of lashing out at nicer ladies with genuine interests in the subject matter).

Eh, that's enough blabbering about con-psychology.