Controversy north of the border! For the 100th Anniversary of the publication of Canadian classic, Anne of Green Gables, Penguin commissioned a prequel to L.M. Montgomery's much-adored novel, and some people are pissed. The book might desecrate the memory of poor, red-headed Anne! Montgomery's heirs did give authorization for a Before Green Gables, and while author Budge Wilson tells Reuters that she's "still vaguely troubled by the idea that L.M. Montgomery would perhaps not want this done...A lot of people have told me they've done a lot of crying [over the book] and I am delighted." Wait, is crying a good thing, or a bad thing? [Reuters]


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@westvillagegirl: I know everyone has already told you to read these, but PLEASE, you seriously must. Anne is a lovely, hilarious, and precocious character that I think I actually enjoy more as an adult. I watched the entire PBS movie thing a month or so ago and was in fits of laughter and tears the entire time. I read all of the books, even the Anne of Avonlea and Anne of Windy Poplars ones that came after. They are all really sweet!