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Controversial 'Legitimate Rape' Satire Makes Me Feel So Many Things

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A new parody of Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" nonsense is making the internet rounds and, well, it's really something. Positioned as a fake pharmaceutical ad — "legitimate rape" is being sold as a method of birth control — the commercial features a mock rape. Watching it made my stomach twist into knots and my head started racing, thinking all the thoughts. Such as:

  • Another "legitimate rape" parody? Come on, that joke cycle ended last week. TIRED.
  • Sexually Liberated Uterine Tendencies — okay, that's pretty funny.
  • Wait, what?! What was that??? Did they just...
  • This uterus cartoon is kind of great.
  • Wait, she's still being raped? What the hell?
  • "Accusations that you're just being hysterical" — pretty funny when delivered in a soothing pharmaceutical voice.
  • The sunflowers are perfect, like every anti-depressant commercial that's ever aired.
  • Wait, did she just get punched?
  • This is horrifying. I feel awkward.
  • I dunno. Maybe a satirical, visual explanation of Akin's comments will reach some idiots who still need to understand why the whole thing is upsetting and offensive? Maybe the absurdity makes it accessible and it could reach the people who need to be reached?
  • Oh god, the disclaimer. Ha, wow. This is so perfect. Funny. I am laughing.
  • Oh god, they staged a mock rape. Not funny. Horrible.
  • But this basically IS what Akin said, right? That's rape, buddy.
  • RAINN info seems like a cover-your-ass afterthought, but at least it's there.
  • This isn't satire at all, is it? It's upsetting because it's actually literal. So awful it's almost funny, just like the political climate.
  • Maybe this video is perfect in its own very fucked up way. Maybe.
  • I don't ever want to watch this again.