Yesterday, a few of our readers wondered if we paid actual money for the copy of Going Rogue we reviewed. We did, but you can win it back — to turn into awesome Palin art. Details after the jump.

If you've got a great idea for transforming Sarah Palin book into more than the sum of its parts — hollowing it out and filling it with Moose Tracks ice cream, say, or folding the pages into an origami death panel — email us at by Friday at 5 PM EST, with "Going Rogue contest" in the subject line. We'll pick the best one and mail you our copy of the book. Then you have your way with the book, send us a pic, and we'll feature it on the site. I promise, it'll be a lot more fun than the all-nighter I pulled reading the thing — although in answer to your questions, I did have some cake.