Contest Non-Winner Excited To Visit American Apparel & Offer Perspective

As you may recall, Nancy Upton mocked American Apparel's "Next Big Thing" model search, then won the contest, then was informed that she was not the winner, then was invited to visit the company headquarters. Nancy was on the Today show this morning, explaining (again) why the wording of the contest prompted her to submit pictures of herself bathing in ranch dressing. "I found it really insulting," Upton said. She told Ann Curry that she's looking forward to visiting the American Apparel headquarters (she flies to LA today) because, "I'm really excited to talk to these creative directors, and just see what it's like, from a woman's perspective, being inside of the machine… And maybe being able to offer a different consumerist, plus-size perspective."

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Theoretical Question: You meet Dov Charney, and he puts out his hand to shake yours. Do you:

A. Shake his hand, then immediately run away to the bathroom to wash your hand for the next hour.

B. Refuse outright.

C. Take his hand gently with your thumb and index finger like it was a dead animal and move it away.

[This is purely theoretical, because everybody knows that Dov Charney doesn't shake hands. Instead, when you extend your hand to shake his, he quickly wraps his hand around your thumb and starts jerking it off until you pull back yours in horror.]