Contemplating The Good And Bad News

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It's been kind of a long news weekend, with lots of things to contemplate, like whether Mickey Rourke was robbed, who should get taxed more and why someone just got arrested for Chandra Levy's murder.


Three out of four Americans are scared about the way this country is going, which also means that 25 of us are looking around at the Feds investigating the brand-spanking new Senator from Illinois and finding out that former Congressman Gary Condit is writing a book and hearing that the government may well be about to nationalize Citibank and thinking that things are cool. Or maybe they're not noticing any of that because there's about to be an arrest in the Chandra Levy case and it's not Gary Condit and dead white girls are bound to get more attention in the news that banking nationalization.

Other things bound to get plenty of attention include George Clooney's return from Darfur and the briefing he'll be giving Vice President Joe Biden in the hopes that someone will make him a special envoy or something because acting is, like, so pre-Change. Apparently, though, Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning didn't get the memo about the whole Change thing because he gave a speech about conservative judicial nominees this weekend in which he promised to try and get one when Ruth Bader Ginsberg dies later this year, because he's an omniscient doctor dontcha know. He joins Alabama Senator Richard Shelby in the annals of weekend idiocy, as Shelby got into a debate about Obama's birth certificate with some wacky constituent and managed to get himself quoted sounding like he doesn't believe that Obama is a Real American.

And while America is sleeping off its Oscar hangover, Nancy Pelosi is meeting with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, Hillary Clinton is making waves for pointing out that the Chinese don't give a shit if we don't like their record on human rights and Kathleen Sebelius has heard more from the press than the White House about how she's supposedly a top candidate to be Secretary of Health and Human Services. They might have been a little busy this weekend, though, between smacking down Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood on his new plan to tax you for driving, freezing everyone's pay, halving the deficit, making Sasha and Malia do some chores, reading Dick Lugar's report about re-thinking the Cuba embargo and looking into taxing carried interest. Or maybe they were just all watching the Oscars and listening to Earth, Wind and Fire.



I'm getting really sick of/discouraged by all the Chicken Little news lately. Where was this when we were electing W for eight years? I keep hearing batches of crap from people about how they're buying guns against the inevitable rioting, how Obama's doomed this country and we're all neck-deep in the Apocalypse, and I live in freaking Massachusetts. I can only imagine what it must be like in the redder states. I feel like shouting at people to be a part of the solution or STFU. That's going to be my new motto. Print the bumper stickers.