Construction Sign Explains Workers' Whistling and Cat-Calling: It's 'Cause You Look Gooooood

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Don't you just feel so bad for all those construction workers out there who can't help but sexually harass the pretty ladies that walk by? Be real: how do you expect them to react when you look so awesome? It's not like they should keep their thoughts to themselves, especially at a mall; think of all the sexy teenage girls hanging out at the food court!

That's why New Jersey's MarketFair Mall put up a sign around some renovation work that reads, "We apologize for the whistling construction workers, but man you look good! So we will soon, please pardon our dust, dirt, and other assorted inconveniences" — because every company has the right to effectively encourage its employees to harass passerby. And, look, they even included a perky little cartoon lady example, so don't say they didn't warn you.

[Update: A previous version of this post said the E A Reeves company was responsible, which they were not. The MarketFair Mall was, and they took the sign down last night as a result of the petition.]


Cute, right? If you don't think normalizing street harassment is the way to go, here's a petition you can sign asking the company to take it down.

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Honest question to women: are construction workers a disproportionate source of street harassment in your experience? I mean, I've seen/heard street harassment many times, but usually from groups of young guys not doing anything in particular.