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Consider Helping Our Species By Continuing to Have Sex

Illustration for article titled Consider Helping Our Species By Continuing to Have Sex

It might be a total pain in the ass to woo sexual partners and make an effort to have a relationship with them, but science has now confirmed what any teenager could tell you: the sex makes it totally worth it. Apparently, mating "can produce benefits for a species in the long term." Well, you don't say?


You see, the study showed that sexual reproduction is superior to reproducing without a partner because it weeds out damaging elements in DNA. The study, which was done at the University of Edinburgh, showed that fruit fly DNA is randomly shuffled when the genes of two parents mix and create a new fruit fly. This recombination means that damaged elements of DNA will be eliminated over just a few generations, because those individuals who have healthy genes do well and pass them on, while those with loser DNA are more likely to die without reproducing. In other words, the basic principles of evolution have been further confirmed by science. So, what does this mean for you? Well, if you have the choice between cloning yourself and hooking up with another human, science recommends you go with the other human—at least if you care about the future of the species. If you don't then go ahead and create an army of tiny replicas of yourself.

Sexual reproduction brings long-term benefits, study shows [EurekAlert!]

Image via akiradesigns/Shutterstock.

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I would really, really LOVE to fuck for science but it's been a bit of a dry spell. More like a drought and I'm thinking it's permanent.