Paul Smith, the official who justified cutting Head Start by saying we should strengthen marriage instead has a single exception to his rule that mothers shouldn't work outside the home. Asked recently by The Washington Post about the bizarre possibility that a woman might want to work, he paused and said,

"Well, I think of Barbra Streisand. Boy, has she got a great voice, and I'm glad she shared that," he says. "So, for someone with that talent, I would hope they would do both. But the singing can wait a little bit. You've got a very narrow time when the children are young."


We're sure she's grateful! This is even weirder because noted mom-judger Mike Huckabee just raved to Politico that Jewish people are awesome, particularly the ones that are like Babs:

"If you've been around a lot of Jewish people, particularly from New York, they tend to be very opinionated, very animated," he said. "I felt like I was sitting between Barbra Streisand and Woody Allen - it was really interesting; it was surreal."

Kind of awkward about Streisand's own well-documented, backed-by-her-dollars views! She even recently reposted a ThinkProgress report on her personal website, entitled, "The Right's War On Women." Boy, does she have a great voice. Shame about what she's actually saying with it.

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