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Conservatives Love Barbra, But The Feeling Isn't Mutual

Illustration for article titled Conservatives Love Barbra, But The Feeling Isnt Mutual

Paul Smith, the official who justified cutting Head Start by saying we should strengthen marriage instead has a single exception to his rule that mothers shouldn't work outside the home. Asked recently by The Washington Post about the bizarre possibility that a woman might want to work, he paused and said,


"Well, I think of Barbra Streisand. Boy, has she got a great voice, and I'm glad she shared that," he says. "So, for someone with that talent, I would hope they would do both. But the singing can wait a little bit. You've got a very narrow time when the children are young."


We're sure she's grateful! This is even weirder because noted mom-judger Mike Huckabee just raved to Politico that Jewish people are awesome, particularly the ones that are like Babs:

"If you've been around a lot of Jewish people, particularly from New York, they tend to be very opinionated, very animated," he said. "I felt like I was sitting between Barbra Streisand and Woody Allen - it was really interesting; it was surreal."

Kind of awkward about Streisand's own well-documented, backed-by-her-dollars views! She even recently reposted a ThinkProgress report on her personal website, entitled, "The Right's War On Women." Boy, does she have a great voice. Shame about what she's actually saying with it.

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"But the singing can wait a little bit. You've got a very narrow time when the children are young."

Depending on what type of voice you have, you may also have a very narrow time in which to use that, too. A woman who is a coloratura soprano at 20 can have difficulty singing some of those roles just a decade or so later. This is why so many productions of the Magic Flute usually has a much younger woman playing Queen of the Night than the woman playing Pamina, even though the Queen is Pamina's mother; that role is just more suited for younger sopranos who have that more agile high range.

Quite the reverse, actually - women can wait until their 30s to have kids, as my mom did; if they wait too long to have them biologically, they can adopt.

Also, as someone who had nannies as a toddler because both my parents were lawyers, I'm just sick to DEATH of this idea that it's really harmful for the children or something if a parent (always the mother) doesn't stay home with the kids in their first few years. I turned out fine!