Conservative Scribe Is Thankful Sarah Palin Is Headed Home Where She Belongs

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Wing Nut Daily's Olivia St. John is here to disabuse you of any notion that there were no conservatives cheering Sarah Palin's resignation. She thinks it's about time Palin got right with God... and got to making Todd a sandwich.


Ms. St. John applauds what she calls Palin's "declaration of independence as a woman" because there's a chance she'll do what's right and keep from disenfranchising and emasculating men. She doesn't think it's a big chance, though. Why?

Palin is an avowed feminist. As such, her husband and children have to fall in line behind her career goals. If everyday actions speak louder than words, then she holds more affinity with her pro-abortion feminist sisters than with her conservative sisters nursing babies at home.

Crazytown assertions aside, Palin has what might be called a difficult history with her "avowed" feminism. She belongs to an anti-abortion group called Feminists for Life: she told Katie Couric she was a feminist; she later told Brian Williams she didn't like labeling herself like that. What Palin is, no doubt, is a beneficiary of feminism — and that's what St. John has a real issue with.

St. John, no doubt, is horrified at the fact that Christian women view Palin as a role model and her own ideological comrades-in-arms cheered her (until recently, anyway) successful combination of working, parenting and being a spouse. This just won't do!

Sarah Palin represents the empirical self of millions of women working outside the home. They live vicariously through her supposed success. Seeing such a woman extolled gives credibility to their frantic lifestyle juggling job, children, husband, church, and housework.

It has been said that part of Palin's appeal is that her family is like so many other families. She is today's American woman, who works outside the home and does it all. Whose daughters get pregnant out-of-wedlock. Whose husbands wear the aprons.

Have we gone insane? Is this something to celebrate?

Ha! Yes, if Sarah Palin had just stayed home and cooked and cleaned for her family with no other thoughts of self-actualization, Bristol would have never gotten pregnant! And she's just giving false hope to women that they can be good mothers and have jobs! Besides, who want to see Todd in an apron? (Don't answer that.)


As far as St. John is concerned, Palin's sins are worse for our nation than even the scourge of Teh Gheyz, and will likely result in hellfire and brimstone raining down upon us. Or maybe toads.

It has been said that the sin of homosexuality precedes judgment on a nation. Yet, the first instance in Scripture where we see a curse enacted was in the Garden of Eden when a woman took the lead and a man followed. Does this not describe America today? "As for My people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them," says Isaiah 3:12.


The real problem, of course, is that Palin doesn't just oppress Todd: she oppresses all men by not staying home where she belongs.

Has America become so emasculated that our only hope of getting another Ronald Reagan into the Oval Office is to idolize Palin as a political Madonna? Hardly.

Do we have no men who can match her intelligence, charisma and leadership skills? To the contrary, we have better.

Have conservatives become so desperate for a passionate leader that they forsake their most basic values of home and hearth? Yes...


Not terribly many liberals would argue that Palin doesn't represent a level of desperation within the GOP, but it's not because they're "emasculated" into accepting a woman, they're just tired and out of ideas and leadership (and money, which Palin can raise by the truckload).

But St. John isn't quite done railing about how terrible Palin's political profile is for men.

As conservatives continue chanting Sarah Palin for president, are they disenfranchising the men capable of stepping up to the plate in 2012? There are many strong conservative men better qualified to lead the greatest nation in the world.

I pray these men rise to the fore and that Sarah Palin begins to turn her heart toward her home.


Again, it's hard to argue that there are men (and women) in and out of the GOP who are potentially more qualified than Palin to lead this country — I mean, more than half the country voted for Obama, after all — but it's not because she's a woman who ought to let men take their supposedly rightful places of power while she stays home with the kids.

But if St. John is soooo concerned that women trying to influence the direction of this country will cause God to destroy it... maybe she could try staying home and shutting her mouth? Just to see.


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