Conservative Moms Are Not Amused by 'Charleston Dandy' Stephen Colbert

A group of conservative South Carolina mothers have clicked their tongues chidingly at Stephen Colbert, urging him to stop doing goofy political things and leave the real Presidenting to clowns who take themselves seriously.


CafeMom, a website where women can exchange stories of the travails of motherhood or, alternately, argue about parenting and make other people feel bad about themselves, held a town hall in South Carolina where the attendees were asked to voice their opinion on the candidacy of Stephen Colbert. Even after a heartfelt plea to the moms wherein he started out acting the straight man, he ended with a loving satirical tribute to corporations and everything they've done for us.

I'm sure you're worried about the skyrocketing national debt we're leaving our kids. About an increasingly amoral culture bombarding our children with unhealthy images that undermine the institution of marriage. And an education system that allows Washington bureaucrats to put God on permanent suspension from our schools. There's one other issue that is near and dear to my heart. And that is how we treat the folks who, like moms, take care of America's needs. I'm talking about corporations.


Dead silence in the room. This is everything Professional Troll Stephen Colbert dreamed.

He went on to tell the gathered frowning moms that corporations were like the moms of America's jobs, repeating the "corporations are people" that Mitt Romney once famously uttered.

The moms, many of whom appear to be beyond "mom" age and some of whom appear to be dads, don't find Colbert cute or funny in the least bit whatsoever. Their opinions of him ranged from "crazy" to "wacky" to "very liberal." My favorite, though, is the knowing glances the women exchange after one of them refers to him as a "Charleston dandy." Oh no she didn't!

Ladies not getting a joke about a ridiculous process? Moms being overly reverent and behaving like the worn out 'uncool' parent trope from teen sex comedies? We're busting all sorts of stereotypes over here!


Stephen Colbert gets a cold reaction from moms in South Carolina [HuffPo]

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He asked them to name good corporations and they said Chik Fil A.

That is all.