Bill O'Reilly, Fox & Friends' dead-eyed, soulless Gretchen Carlson and Juliet Huddy got together yesterday to muse thoughtfully about the intersection of celebrity, death, sexuality, race and hagiography. Just kidding: they just wanted to know what's up with black people!

In particular, Bill O'Reilly wants to know why it is that Famous Political Black People, like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, are hanging around Jackson's famliy (hint: the proximity of cameras might have something to do with it!) since Michael's black card was revoked after he had "white" children. Carlson and Huddy, for their part, want to know why black people don't understand Jackson was a "pedophile" and a "freak." And they all want to know — especially Carlson and Huddy — why it is that celebrities can get away with everything. Including of course, sexually harassing one's subordinates.

Why Do Black People Like Michael Jackson?: O'Reilly [Newser]