Conservative Critic's Clash With 'The View' Panelists Doesn't Go As Planned

Conservative talk radio host Laura Ingraham filled in the guest co-host spot on The View today. If you aren't familiar with her, she's sorta like Ann Coulter, except boring and not nearly as much fun (read: gay men would never find her funny in a campy way). She was promoting her new book, Power to the People, and almost immediately got into it with Whoopi and Joy over the book's title after she said she "stole" the phrase back from "an elite few protesters," referring to the Black Panthers. About a month ago on her radio show, she discussed her upcoming View appearance and talked a big game, saying, "It's not gonna be pretty." (To which her nauseating male sidekick said, "When I think of The View, I never think of pretty anyway — except for Elisabeth." Ugh!)

Laura also said she was gonna "go after" Joy if she tried any of "her tricks." Except Joy did bring up a great example of Laura being a hypocrite, and instead of "going after her," Laura totally pussied out and dodged around the question. So she was right. It wasn't pretty! (BTW, watch how Sherri Shepherd doesn't say a word during the whole thing.)


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"heartland America feels disenfranchised"?? They got the president they voted for, even though the majority of Americans didn't, they get more in federal tax dollars than they pay, and the Evil Hollywood wouldn't be making so much "smut" if they weren't watching it. So how the hell are they disenfranchised? I'm stuck with a president I wouldn't vote for if the alternative was an armadillo, paying way more in taxes than I'll ever get back in federal services, and wondering why "Veronica Mars" was canceled to make room for another show about girls who want to be singing pole dancers. Yet to these fools, I'm the problem.

Whoopi, just sit on her head and fart, it's the only language she'd understand.