Conservative Alabama Politician Bill Johnson "Addicted" To Donating Sperm

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Former Alabama gubernatorial candidate Bill Johnson, a conservative Christian who opposed gay marriage and unsuccessfully ran for governor in the 2010 GOP primary, is leaving his wife Kathy and her three children from a previous marriage for a new life in New Zealand with children he fathered via sperm donation. Johnson and his wife were unable to have children, which he told her was "a need that [he has]." Now, he says that he has no plans to stop donating (albeit from here on in, to lesbian couples who need it).


It was revealed in December that Johnson had fathered children in New Zealand, but after he assured Kathy that the conceptions were "non-sexual," the two-time Miss America finalist said that she was willing to forgive him. However, for the five months that followed, he remained fixated on donating sperm and being present in the lives of the children he created.

"He is obsessed with this," she says, adding that he asked her to move to New Zealand with him for the sake of her kids. "I will not chase him to the other side of the world so he can be a part-time father to children he created with other women... He says he created these children and he has a responsibility to them. I said 'What about your commitment to your wife?' He walked out."

While in Christchurch to work as a contractor for earthquake recovery in 2011, Johnson created a number of donor profiles under the anonymous handle "chchbill" and donated sperm to at least 10 women, some of whom later claimed he misled them about his identity and the number of other donations he had made. Kathy claims that not even Johnson knows how many of his children are out there, and that some of the women were so furious about his deception that they cut off contact with him.

Of the known children fathered by Johnson's donations, the first is a girl due this month and at least two other girls due in June and July.

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So...donating sperm involved masturbation. I thought masturbation made Jesus cry? :o)