Connie Britton Closes Her Eyes During Taylor Kitsch's Sex Scenes

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As glorious-maned dream mom Tami Taylor I mean, Connie Britton, gets ready to play a country music doyenne in the new ABC drama Nashville, Vulture asked her some questions about the Friday Night Lights (script is written but schedules haven't aligned) and her concerns about having sex with a rubber dude on American Horror Story:

I was just coming off of Friday Night Lights and people really held that character in really high regard. This is kind of silly, but I was concerned about being a character in a marriage, playing a marriage, and in some way not living up to whatever those expectations were.


When Britton's character Vivien Harmon gave birth on the show, Britton (who has one adopted child and has not given birth herself) went to the co-star you'd expect for advice on screaming authentically in medias res of delivery:

I was grilling Jessica Lange on exactly what the pain is like in childbirth. She was trying to describe exactly what the pain was, the level of pain. It's just awful, basically. I wanted to be so specific, though. I didn't want to be cliché like [rolls her eyes back and makes a grunting noise]. I figured she knows. Jessica knows all.


Finally, she was asked if she saw Savages, the Oliver Stone sex-and-drugs extravaganza starring Blake Lively, Aaron Johnson and her former co-star Taylor Kitsch, with whom she keeps in touch.

I did, yes. I, um … I had to close my eyes a lot.

'Connie Britton on Singing for Nashville and the Odds of a Friday Night Lights Movie' [Vulture]

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zap rowsdower

Cannot wait for American Horror Story to come back.