Congresswoman Who Was Raped Understandably Pissed at Passage of Weaksauce Violence Against Women Act

Congresswoman Gwen Moore, a Democrat from Wisconsin, told reporters that the watered down House Republican version of the Violence Against Women Act was insulting to her as a woman of color, and as a rape victim. The House's version of the bill stripped away provisions from the Senate version of the bill that would have extended protection to Native American, undocumented, and LGBT women who were victims of violence.


Moore's the first black legislator elected from the state of Wisconsin, and only the second woman elected to represent the state in Congress. During a press conference yesterday, she recounted her experience with rape

One experience that I had, that occurred to me, that I thought of this morning, was a time that I took a ride with a guy that I thought was a friend to go to, to get some fried chicken. And he decided to take a detour behind some buildings to rape me and choke me almost to death. I was sort of seeing that little light that you often hear about. [...] As woman of color, I am particularly aggrieved that this bill ignores the special circumstances of women who are minorities. Women who are in the shadows.

As Rachel Maddow points out in the video, the Violence Against Certain Women Act passed the House yesterday, with Republicans almost universally supporting it and Democrats almost universally opposing it.



Wait . . . Native American, undocumented, and LGBT women have to be "extended" the right to be protected against violence? And then DENIED that right? What the fuck, you fucking idiot so-called "Representatives"?!

This shit is messed up. If this fucked-up society has so much disdain for women, I'm surprised they don't just drown girls at birth to be done with it.

Oh, that's right, they wouldn't do that. Because then there would be no one for men to have hetero-normative sex with.

Jesus fucking Christ.