Today's Washington Post reports that this session of Congress may be the first to include ten mommies of children too young for PG-13 movies. And some of the moms aren't too happy about all the sleepovers:

"We have a lot of long weeks in Washington and short days, not using the time well at all," said Rep. Heather Wilson (R-N.M.), who commutes home every weekend to Albuquerque.

Uh, Heather (love the name, btw) welcome to the minority party! Of course, it's not all hellish multitasking; some of these mommies use their lofty positions to get their kids beat up at school.

One boasted that her daughter, when she was 11, could rattle off an explanation of the Medicare "doughnut hole."



When we were a kid, our parents gave us a dollar for memorizing the names of Supreme Court justices and that sort of shit, and look what's become of us. We had to Google "Medicare Dougnut Hole." And when we did we understood why. Our generation is going to have suuuuuuch worse problems than this. But take heart! Some congresslady's precocious eleven-year-old is going to be even worse off!!


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