Congress Doesn't 'Really' Care What Women Think About Birth Control

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One of the minor consequences of Whitney Houston's death last week is that it prevented Maya Rudolph from doing her famous impression last night when she hosted SNL. Instead, we got a Maya Rudolph Beyoncé, which became especially funny when Rudolph sang an account of Beyoncé's labor pangs to all the celebrity guests who came to pay their respects to Blue Ivy Carter. Oh, and not to spoil anything, but if anyone lets Angelina Jolie near Blue Ivy, Beyoncé's baby will become the next Lindbergh baby.


Amy Poehler, however, stole the show by dropping in for a round of Weekend Update "reallys" with Seth Meyers, criticizing the exclusion of women from a congressional hearing on President Obama's health insurance mandate and marshaling the best argument for birth control: there are too many damn people.

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My favorite part: