Congrats to our fellow Gawker Media blogger Gina Trapani, who married her longtime partner, Terra, in California today. She told Choire at Radar: "For the record, I *know* that marriage is a lame institution rooted in religion (I'm an atheist) and patriarchy. BUT, my parents had a great marriage-I watched my Dad come home from work and kiss my Mom hello every evening 34 years into it, genuinely happy to see her-and I wanted that same thing with Terra. (And that's IT-as mushy as I'm getting! Shutting up now!)" AWWW!! [Radar]

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even if it gets overturned again, same-sex marriage being legal in california makes me proud to live here.

my catholic college in san francisco offered full health benefits to same sex partners of faculty. i've always thought that was awesome.