Congrats, Europe: Michele Bachmann Is Officially Your Problem, Too

There is exactly one thing Michele Bachmann is an expert in, and that is keeping things interesting. To that end, it was announced yesterday that she has recently become a citizen of Switzerland. Whaaa? Why would Congresswoman Bachmann want to forsake her beloved America that she loves precisely because it is filled to the brim with so much American-y Americanness? Well, apparently she did it because her famously charming husband, Marcus Bachmann, is eligible for Swiss citizenship since his parents were born there. He registered to finally claim his citizenship on February 15th of this year, and when it was finalized on March 19th, Michelle also became a citizen automatically.


According to her spokesperson,

Congresswoman Bachmann's husband is of Swiss descent, so she has been eligible for dual-citizenship since they got married in 1978. However, recently some of their children wanted to exercise their eligibility for dual-citizenship so they went through the process as a family.

Okay, whatever you say, Congresswoman Traitor. Sure, if Barack Obama did anything like this it would cause a shitstorm so epic that it might actually cause the union to dissolve, but, of course, it's not at all un-American or unpatriotic for you to do it because you did it for your children, or something like that.

Yes, the hypocrisy is slightly upsetting, but any anger we might be tempted to feel toward her is far outweighed by the joy that comes from knowing that Michele Bachmann is now only half ours. With her fancy new dual citizenship, she's now eligible to run for office in Switzerland; let's hope she goes for it ASAP. It's high time she tortures someone else with her uniquely delusional understanding of reality and unintelligible logic. Plus, she's probably a fantastic yodeler. So, let us be the first to congratulate Switzerland on their newest citizen. She's all yours!

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From the DoS: []

Also, a person who is automatically granted another citizenship does not risk losing U.S. citizenship. However, a person who acquires a foreign citizenship by applying for it may lose U.S. citizenship. In order to lose U.S. citizenship, the law requires that the person must apply for the foreign citizenship voluntarily, by free choice, and with the intention to give up U.S. citizenship.

Which means that, if she of her children APPLY for Swiss citizenship, they lose American one.