Confusing Sex Toy Of The Day

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Take a look at the sex toy The Concubine Masturbator. Considering it contains breasts, a vagina, a penis, and a vibrator, we're really confused as to who this thing is actually marketed toward. [Buzzfeed]

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This is a great masturbation device, a gorgeous pair of plump life size breasts with a pussy in a realistic flesh colour, and also has an integral multispeed vibrator for extra sensations! Slide your hard erection in between these pert babies and thrust into the hot pussy, your dreams will come turn as the vibrations tease your erection to fullness and you work your way towards that urgent ejaculation!



hahahaha! i totally get it. it's for men, so they've made it visual-based. they are operating under the assumption that part of titty fucking for the guy is to see his cock in between those breasts. if he was putting it in the rubber vag up there between the rubber boobies, he would no longer see the visual of a cock in between the "pert babies." HILARIOUS!!

i am, however, really angry that they haven't put a retarded smiley face on the head of the penis. i can't figure out why ALL my fucking dildos and rabbits have a fucking small smiley face on the head. it creeps me the fuck out!!!!