Condi Rice Supports Romney Because Obama Doesn't Think America Is Awesome Enough

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Today, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice predictably announced that she'll be supporting Mitt Romney in this fall's Presidential election. Her reasoning? Mitt Romney thinks America is the greatest, bestest, most explodiest star spangliest country ever, and Barack Obama doesn't. Looks like all that time spent shirtless with his nipples painted to look like stars from the American flag has paid off for the former Governor of Massachusetts.

The announcement came at a Republican fundraiser in California last night. Rice told the crowd,

If America is going to rebuild its strength at home, rebuild its sense of who we are, it needs a leader that also understands how really exceptional the United States of America is, and is not afraid to lead on the basis of that exceptionalism," Rice told about 300 donors. "The only thing that people dislike more than unilateral American leadership is no American leadership at all.


Whoa! Nice hat tip to the Bush administration! Me & my buddies' leadership: second shittiest ever.

Wonkette wonders (sarcastically, natch) if Condi's vocal support of Mitt means she's angling for a Vice Presidential nomination, which is an interesting thought. Rice is a smart woman, tough, with the foreign policy experience that Romney sorely lacks. Unfortunately, Honeywell has not yet invented a device that can successfully erase all Americans' memories prior to January 2009, and the bad taste that the Bush administration left in many people's mouths still lingers.

Now that the race to the Presidency has been declared an America school spirit competition, it's rumored that President Obama is furiously choreographing a flash mob in Central Park. Not giving the whole thing away, but it involves people wearing different colored tee shirts, an American flag visible from several thousand feet up, and Lee Greenwood's "Proud to Be an American."


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I've heard this reasoning a couple of times, that Americans are still so anti-Bush that Condi would be a poison pill on a ticket. I'm not really convinced. I think that people have become so accustomed to the same handful of faces that it really is a case of the least worst choice (both within and across party lines), and even though she oversaw some awesomely huge fuckups in that administration, she's seen as generally "okay". Not supremely charismatic, but kind of no-nonsense and respectable. She's a lady and a black one at that, but the GOP tends to overlook those things when a candidate is towing the party line — and after they vote for them they get to pat themselves on the back for picking up that Black Friend they've been meaning to find (plus a Bush appointee helps convince Conservatives that Mitt is Conservative For Serious). As for moderates/Independents/whatever we're calling people too stupid to have made up their minds 6 weeks out — people love appearances. And picking a woman of color APPEARS to be the kind of thing a moderate, reasonable, forward-thinking dude would do. For people who hear Condoleeza Rice and think WORST ADMINISTRATION IN MY LIFETIME/POSSIBLY HISTORY, well, we weren't going to vote for Mitt even if he picked Kucinich as a running mate.

I'm not saying I think Condi will be the VP pick (my money's on a Floridian), but I don't really understand why it's seen as such a nonstarter.