Today on The View, Sherri asked Condi Rice about Hurricane Katrina. Surprisingly, Rice became passionate when talking about how angry she is at the implication that Bush's epic fail on that disaster was race related.

Rice said that there was no way to know that the hurricane would be that damaging, despite reports that government officials were well aware that the levees would break. Her answer, literally, was, "The U.S. will do better next time." She also said that she felt responsible, as the highest ranking black official, and was saddened by the images she saw on TV at the time even though she was seen spotted spending thousands of dollars on Ferragamo shoes during a shopping spree in New York City. We wish that Sherri had been prepped with that as a follow-up question.

She didn't call out Kanye West by name on The View, but we knew exactly who she was talking about. Rewatching this old footage, we forgot how hilarious Mike Meyers' reaction was when Kanye went off script. He seriously looks like he shit his pants.