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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Concerned Moms Hate Ellen DeGeneres For Being Openly Awesome

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I don't know about you but when I first heard about concerned hate group One Million Moms I imagined a legion of Helen Lovejoys clutching their pearls and weeping uncontrollably about their "little angels." Well, the reality is just as hilarious/concerning, because they're going after our beloved Oprah 2.0, Ellen DeGeneres. Excited to announce her partnership with JC Penney last week, the band of raging homophobes - who are funded by the wizards over at the American Family Association - demanded that the chain fire her because she's openly gay. "Funny that JC Penney thinks hiring an open homosexual spokesperson will help their business when most of their customers are traditional families," reads a statement on their site. "DeGeneres is not a true representation of the type of families that shop at their store. The majority of JC Penney shoppers will be offended and choose to no longer shop there." Oh, moms, don't you know you shouldn't mess with she who encourages us to dance along to life? To help stop this army of mouth-breathers head on over and sign GLAAD's petition. [Radar]


Hands down one of the best side effects of celebrity are the insane riders that some of the industry succumb to. Seriously, sometimes I think they just try to see how much shit they can get away with. God knows I'd do the same. The latest tome of entitlement comes courtesy of Nicki Minaj, who keeps it simple but oh-so specific. Highlights: "One set of fine silverware/stainless steel silverware … 3 twelve piece buckets of fried chicken spicy – no thighs, lots of wings … 24 bottles of Snapple, 12 must be Lemon Ice Tea, 12 other assorted flavours … 2 Space Heaters - VERY IMPORTANT – and a cool mist humidifier." Shine on! [Daily Mail]


If publishers released a biography about Courtney Love every week then that's exactly how many I'd read, dagnabbit. They could make up the most outlandish shit and I'd lap it up because you know the reality would probably be more ridiculous. For example, in the latest one, Courtney Comes Clean (subtle), we are privy to the previously sealed deposition papers when her daughter Frances Bean Cobain got a restaining order on her mom back in 2009. Wherein she claims not one but two of her pets died as a result of her mom: including a dog who swallowed some fun-time pills and a cat who got tangled up in piles of fabric, boxes of paperwork and trash and died. Fucking died! "She basically exists now on ... Xanax, Adderall, Sonata and Abilify, sugar and cigarettes," said Cobain. "She rarely eats." Page. Turner. [NYDN]


The inquest into Amy Winehouse's death may start again from scratch amid allegations that the coroner wasn't qualified to do the job. Suzanne Greenaway was given the position by her husband, who thought that her experience as a solicitor and barrister would cover things. "I believed at the time that her experience as a solicitor and barrister in Australia satisfied the requirements of the post," said her husband and employer. "In November of last year it became apparent that I had made an error in the appointment process." [NYDN]

  • Olivia Wilde won't confirm what everyone already knows. Namely, that she's seeing Jason Sudekis. [Page Six]
  • Aww, how cute, Home Improvement's Taran Noah Smith is all grown up – he has his first DUI and drug possession charge and everything. [NYDN]
  • Venus Williams is on the up-and-up and is ready to kill it on the court after her autoimmune disease setback. [The Grio]
  • Grey's Anatomy fans had better grab the smelling salts, Kerry Washington has been cast as the headliner in Shonda Rimes's new show, Scandal. [The Grio]
  • A bit of a legend, Kristen Stewart took the time to pose for photos with fans before wishing a frosty death on the assembled paparazzi in Paris. [E!]
  • Penelope Cruz has met PETA halfway by refusing to strip naked and flashing a bit of shoulder for the greater good – appearing in a print ad for the animal right's group with the tagline "Give fur the cold shoulder." [E!]
  • It seems that Sarah Palin's team are nonplussed about Julianne Moore's depiction of their lord and saviour, saying her "accent is terrible." [E!]
  • Admitting she wasn't always so together, Gwyneth Paltrow says she had a boyfriend who she knew cheated on her but refused to leave him. [E!]
  • A broken foot isn't stopping Halle Berry from launching a shoe line. [E!]
  • When Jennifer Lawrence freaked out about landing the lead role in Hunger Games her mom called her a hypocrite for some reason. Sidebar: she only got paid $500K for a movie that cost $90 million to make. Ripped off. [US]
  • Fun fact: the dog that Drew Barrymore adopted was being fostered by Nikki Reed. [People]
  • It keeps getting sadder and sadder – now we find out that Don Cornelius's son was the one who found his body. [People]
  • Luck seems to finally be on her side, with a pal of Lindsay Lohan's letting her stay in his room at the Chateau Marmont for free. [Radar]
  • Why does Katherine Heigl hate Dance Moms? Because of her own shitty child model upbringing, of course. [Daily Mail]