'Concerned' Canadian Mom's Transphobic Rap is Just as Cringe-Inducing as Her Opinions

A transphobic rap video made by a “concerned” Canadian mom in response to Alberta’s push for all-gender inclusive bathrooms has proven a now undeniable truth—that people will probably do things equally as idiotic as their viewpoints. Blessedly, this is what the Internet was made for.

The YouTube vid features the mom-in-question performing her verbal attack on both trans folks and my ears, in what appears to be the saddest and emptiest karaoke room in all of America’s Top Hat.

Would you like to read some of the lyrics? I think you’d like to read some of the lyrics.

“Listen, listen, to what I say.

The animal kingdom is smarter this way.

The animals, oh, they lead with more guile.

Their offspring keep their gender in the wild.

If we can’t address male and female.

We’ve lost our purpose, in life we fail.

If our children lose their identity,

This will be sad for our future, you see.

My heart goes to the fatherless and abused,

And I guess that’s why we have some confused.

I am concerned, mother of three.

Keep male and female washrooms where our children can PEE!

This is just fender bender.

All over sex and gender.

Why make reality skewed.

And create identity confused.”

Question though: which chapter in the Old Testament states that “the animals, oh, they lead with more guile/their offspring keep their gender in the wild”? And where do these animals keep their gender, exactly? Does this gender that the animals keep hibernate during winter or migrate? So many questions.


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First of all, white people, come get ya girl. Rap didn’t ask for this bullshit.

Second of all, why oh why do wrong people continuously insist on comparing us humans to the animal kingdom. The point was more eloquently made on an episode of my favorite podcast, The Read, but I’ll attempt to paraphrase: We are so very fucking different from animals. Wolves don’t have a mother fucking Supreme Court. We are very much capable of grasping difficult concepts (which really, this is not) and understanding things like nuance, which antelope just cannot do. Seriously, wrong humans, stop using animals to justify your bigotry. It’s so foolish.