Concern Grows After Two Suspicious Fires Break Out at Georgia Women's Health Clinics

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Yesterday a fire was set at an obstetrics and gynecology clinic in Cobb County, Georgia, that is regularly targeted by anti-abortion protesters. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but employees of the clinic told the local news that there was suspicious activity before the fire broke out:

Clinic workers believe the fire started on the third floor. They said two unknown men went upstairs and left shortly afterward, minutes before the fire was discovered.
"We have patients here. They're under anesthesia. This could have been life-threatening," employee Angela Buckner told Channel 2's Ross Cavitt.


Investigators are calling the blaze arson, and what's extra scary is that this is the second fire at a women's health clinic in the area this week. The first one occurred on Sunday at a clinic in Gwinnett county, and the cause is still being investigated. This follows a series of break-ins at clinics in March which were believed to have been sparked by the Georgia legislature passing a bill that prevents abortions after 20 weeks. It's thought the break-ins were meant to punish the doctors who perform abortions and who'd opposed the bill.

Richard Zane, who owns one of the clinics that was robbed said, "They're treating us like terrorists." Funny, because it seems like most of us would actually call the people who burgle and set fire to other people's property to intimidate them the terrorists in that scenario. But whatever you call it, let's hope these latest fire episodes don't continue since sooner or later someone is bound to get hurt.

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