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Earlier this year, Cindy Crawford announced she would be pseudo-retiring from modeling after turning 50. “I’m sure I’ll have my picture taken for 10 more years,” she told Rhapsody Magazine, “but not as a model anymore.” (Crawford later sort of backtracked on that statement.) A woman of her word, Crawford—who turned 50 last month—appears on the April 2016 issue of Paris Vogue not as a model, but as a mother. She is joined by Kaia Crawford, her 14-year-old daughter.


Here they are, posing not because they are models, but because they and their matching outfits/moles happened to be together in full glam as Mario Testino ran by nervously clutching his camera while trying to make a deadline. “I need to photograph two women who represent the shimmering miracle of mother and daughter,” he said, panting. “Do both of you have a sec?”

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Image via Paris Vogue.

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