Company Posts Ad Looking for Male Sex Toy Tester

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Has the job market situation got you down lately? Are you feeling unstimulated in your current position? Looking for a new job with better benefits and perks? Then I have something just for you.


Hey men! This one's just for you. According to the Daily Mirror, a company called Hot Octopuss has developed 'the world's first guybrator' and now they are advertising for a 'part-time orgasm engineer' to help them test out their new products.

From, here's the full version of the job description followed by the ad they are running to promote their product and tester job:

Not getting the buzz you need from your current job role? Feeling un-stimulated? Looking for a job you can grow into? Hot Octopuss has a brand spanking new role that will get you buzzing with excitement…

Hot Octopuss is a British company, sitting at the cutting edge of next generation sex toy design. We develop toys for men, women and couples that are designed to fit in with people's lifestyles, not just their bedrooms.

Following the success of the world's first 'guybrator', we are on the hunt for our first ever part time Orgasm Engineer to help test our new range of male products.

Successful applicants will be sent prototype sex toys to review on a regular basis and will be required to report back on their sexperiences.

Benefits include being allowed to work whenever the moment takes you, from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere in the world for that matter – maybe just not in public!

We'll also provide a lifetime supply of tissues to the lucky candidate.

Successful candidates will:

• Be aged 18+

• Have good stamina

• Be able to handle pressure

• Have their own penis

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Oh my! 'Scuse me while I go fan myself and clutch my pearls in the next room. Seems like a very clever way to promote their new "guybrator" as well as get a ton of spam emails from drunk college kids looking to fuck with them. For those of you who have your own penis and think you'd like to put it inside a product still undergoing testing, directions for how to apply are here. Good luck!

Image via Shutterstock, HotOctopuss.



i'm on it !!!!