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Communication Studies

Illustration for article titled Communication Studies

This colorful chart details the 10 levels of intimacy in modern communication from talking to Twitter. We have one gripe: shouldn't letters be higher on the intimacy scale, with their evidence of personal handling and obvious effort? [BuzzFeed]


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I would seriously change this order around. Like IM should be before letter. It's a written conversation that is immediate and allows for give and take, much like an in person conversation or video chat or phone. A letter is static.

I guess I'd leave text after letter though because they tend not to be intimate - they are more like "I'm here - where you at?"

Hm... and I'm such a fan of Twitter. Some people get really intimate on there! Inappropriately... I think it's more personal than facebook status though, I mean - Iran. That was a pretty intimate look. And more immediate than the once-a-day facebook update.