Commenter Executions: The Guillotine Has Fallen

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This is it. The moment you've been waiting for. We're ridding ourselves of some commenters, and sending others to, well, the corner. [Ha! -Ed.] Names and offenses after the jump.

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Gone: isfahan

Why: In response to a story about an Israel-born baker on trial for putting abortion-inducing pills into his wife's breakfast: Well, what else do you expect from a jew. it's part of their culture.

Gone: A.T. Elle

Why: Commenter, to A.T.Elle: "My parents met on a blind date and went to a restaurant called Rebecca's. Guess what they named me. Is that story less cute because they're divorced now?" A.T. Elle: "A little."

Gone: abogada

Why: (via email) "I have to say that in general I have become very unimpressed with the maturity level of the majority of commenters; and the "queen bee" playground clique mentality a few of them demonstrate. Don't get me wrong, there are many thoughtful, intelligent women and men who post at Jezebel— it is the rest of them that I no longer care to deal with. Please close my commenter account."


Gone: Brianstorm

Why: Re: Sarah Jessica Parker: I don't live in NY I think she's fugly and styleless


Gone: cindel

Why: Self-inflicted, via email. "l'm a racist...apparently I hate white women for some reason. I'm a "Heather".

Yeah, it's not a lot. But here's who we're watching, due to numerous e-mailed nominations and complaints, including cliquishness, rudeness, mean-girls behavior, ganging up on those with different opinions and general "Queen Bee" attitudes:







Note: Those executed can always re-apply. The point is to keep it thoughtful, play nice, and comment when you actually have something interesting to say.

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4. Can I be banned from commenting?

Yes, if your comments are excessively self-promotional, obnoxious, or even worse, boring.



You know what I find really offensive? When ANY of the commenters jump all over the editors' shit for posts with which they don't agree or topics they don't like. I mean, give-n-take discourse is one thing, but some of it is just like, well, then why are you offending your clearly delicate sensibilities by spending 7+ hours a day hanging out here if you're just going say things like "Boring!" or "Moe's a cunt!"? (And Moe gets the worst of it, too — how she hasn't just flipped her shit and banned all y'all is a true testament that she's drinking enough to not go all apeshit. I know I would've.)

All that to say, I think we need to show more respect to our hosts.