Thank God, Esquire has bravely stepped forward to publish fiction specifically for men. But why let them have all the control? Our commenters took the time today to re-imagine some popular women's titles and turn them into books for men. Really the whole thread is genius, but it was BoxMeowBox that got it started with this:

Fifty Shades of Camo.

Then Peppermint Butler stepped into the fray:

Burt Jones's To-Do List

The Devil Wears Dockers

Jack Collins's "The Douchebag"

purpleprose78 added two gems:

Twilight: A Deer Hunter's Story
The Hunger Games: A competitive eater's memoir of hot dogs and chicken wings

BoxMeowBox had another stroke of genius:

Hello, God, Are You There? It's Me, Jayden.

Finally, kafe1357 brought it full circle:

50 Shades of Tree Bark

Kudos to all!

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