A brilliant pro-life propaganda video taught us all that the not-so-secret agenda of Planned Parenthood is to make us all into sex addicts. Thank goodness, Lucifer Sam was willing to tell the hard truth about what it looks like when you slide down the slippery slope of being an abortion junkie:

It starts simple enough. You overhear a kid in homeroom talking about the sweet time he had last night masturbating. It sounds fun and harmless, so you try it. Just a quick tug with a couple of your buddies on the weekend, when you've got nothing else going on. It makes you feel mellow and giggly, and quickly becomes a habit. Before long you're masturbating four, five times a day just to feel normal.

But even that's not enough. Soon you're snorting contraception, freebasing morning after pills, and mainlining abortions. You lose your job, pawn all your belongings, and steal from your family chasing that next trip to the abortionplex. You tell your friends you just need one more abortion, just one. To focus.

Inevitably, your life spirals out of control. One day the cops find you in a hotel room, having safe, consensual sex with your life partner atop a mountain of dental dams, diaphragms, and pamphlets discussing the dangers of syphilis. It's a sad, sad story, and it happens every day.


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