So, the new Girl Scout cookies sound kind of gross, but you know you're going to be wolfing them down anyway. didgeriwont explains:

Evil Girl Scout Cookie Scientists:
First we gave them thin mints as a joke because they could get thick mints anywhere...and they ate them. Then the Do-si-dos....ha that was genius. They have nothing but stale crackers and peanut butter. But they still ate them up. HAHAHAHAHA. Then we gave them samoas, with disgusting coconut over every inch. We were convinced they wouldn't eat them, but they ate them down. We outsourced the planning for Tagalongs which are amazing, but we don't even try to sell these and they still buy them. Now, we had left over lemon floor cleaner and insulation from are laboratory. We throw them together as some inedible sqatch and send little girls to play guilt trips on friends and family members. And they will eat them....oh yes they will. BWAHAHAHAH!

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